Pre Engineered Buildings

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Pre-Engineered Buildings (PEBS) are the latest trend in India. Pre-engineered steel building is very simple and economical with the necessary Architectural, Engineering and Construction with pre-engineered steel buildings.
A PEB is a metal building that consists of light gauge metal standing seam roof panels on steel purlins spanning between rigid frames with light gauge metal wall cladding. They drastically reduce construction time. Maintenance is also extremely low. PEBs optimally utilize resources, and leverage technology to the maximum. Pre-Engineered Buildings have gained a global reputation for durability, water and earthquake resistance. Pre-Engineered Buildings are tremendously versatile-they are easy to set-up, expand, modify, and transport to different locations
The pre-engineered metal building system is advantageous because it very economically allows for the creation of large column-free enclosures. They are environmentally friendly and can be aesthetically designed with unique features. An estimated 20-30% can be saved on cost, as compared to conventional building methods.